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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  April 2, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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students being targeted in an early morning crime industry. >> ten robberies in just two and a half hours. a college campus on alert after its sense of safety is shattered. >> we are on a streak of gorgeous spring weather that will continue right through the weekend. can we expect it to last even longer? we'll find out. fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 right now. we'll take a look at the capitol dome on this friday morning, april 2nd.
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very comfortable 54 degrees at reagan national airport this morning. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm agurvir dhindsa. president obama promising federal help for rhode island, calling the governor there during a trip to the emergency management headquarters in massachusetts. the president did not visit rhode island. the rain gone now. i-95 is reopened but the flooding continues. many of those rivers still above major flood stage. homeland security secretary janet napolitano will visit the state later today. >> are they going to get some of the nice weather we are seeing. >> yes, they will. today, they will get sunshine in most of new england. no precipitation for a few days. >> i started to say a minute ago that it was summer-like temperatures because it was near 08 yesterday. >> if we could limit to summer to about 57 degrees, that would be something. >> 75 to 80 for me is perfect. you'll take that. we'll have those conditions today. it will be very, very nice,
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just a few high clouds and that will be about it. now, what we are watching, some high clouds as they move into our area. essentially, they're moving over that ridge of high pressure. so what clouds we have today will be those high, thin clouds that will filter the sun a little bit. but certainly, mostly sunny skies. here is a look at the current temperatures at the area airports. right now, reagan national, we are at 53 now, just dropped to have 53 degrees. dulles remains at 49 degrees. bwi marshall is at 46 degrees. here is your forecast for today. ments a pretty one. great day to get out and see the cherry blossoms. mostly sunny skies. a warm afternoon, 77 degrees for your high downtown. we'll have more details on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> get out there. that spring break is about to wrap up for a lot of folk. >> that's right. >> my money is that julie wright will not see much indoors this weekend.
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>> not at all. did i hare you say between 70 and 75 and that is good for summer. >> 75 to 80. >> you like it hot. >> i do. lanes are open. we were checking for something stopped in the highway inner loop of of the highway at the american legion bridge. they moved the cameras all around. we found nothing there. all lane are open traveling between tyson an bethesda. southbound 270, no problems to report out of the germantown as you work your way out towards 370. early morning crash has been moved over to the shoulder. just a brief rub are nexting delay passing the scene. new hampshire avenue, 108 that accident activity out of the road. if you are traveling northbound i-95 leaving newington headed up towards 395 all of your lanes are open. no robs to report. time to go now for the weekend. southbound 95 in the clear as you travel out towards fredericksburg and beyond. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. the a southeast tease neighborhood still on edge in the wake of tuesday's deadly drive-by shooting. >> police are still looking for the person they've identified as the fourth suspect in the
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shooting that killed four people and injured five on south capital street. authorities are following up on several leads from witnesses. two men and a 14-year-old have been charged in the shooting which authorities think was payback for the murder of jordan howe. on the look outfor more signs of retaal retaliation in the neighborhood now. >> we can't say with certainty whether the situation is over or not. we can't say it is resolved because right now, a lot of the funerals, we haven't even bun begun to start burying some of these people. >> investigators want to know if an ak-47 found on the scene is also linked to the murder of jordan howe. many of the victims who were shot tuesday were returning from jordan howe's funeral. >> the search continues for robbers who pulled off 10 crimes in one night. this started on the campus of howard university inside the school of engineering thursday morning. a group of students said for people wearing ski masks armed with guns rushed towning hall and robbed them. now, students say they are
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afraid for their safety. >> i love howard, the education and networking that it does have but my safety is important. i'm moving off campus. >> that is crazy that people can come inside of our school buildings an rob us. something needs to be done. >> police say the crook went on a nearly three-hour rhyme industry committing ten robbers on and near the howard campus. georgetown university students will be get a visit from police, this just a safety precaution. officers will go door to door reminding student to lock their doors and windows at night. the warnings follow several burglaries in the area in recent week. georgetown's department of public saytive is increasing patrols in those affected areas. much like other areas, d.c. will have to do more with less. yesterday, mayor fenty announced his budgeet for the next fiscal year. it calls for filling a budget gap without raising attacks. he plans to do it by eliminating 400 full-type jobs, freezing automatic pay increases and an increase in
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per-student spending and also giving the police department enough money for fully fund its nearly 4100 officers. there is a 4% inreese for fire -- inreese for fire and em -- increase for fire and ems workers. the metro agency is rying to come up with ways to fill a hole in the budget. on the table are serve us cuts, fare uncreases and layoffs. last night was the last in a series of public hearings to get input from riders. >> be very careful about cutting off your nose to spite your face. when we talk about eliminating bus lines, those things have a dramatic impact on people. >> this will one of the discourage ridership. >> increasing the cost of essential services have an even greater negative impact on the disability community. >> we are willing to pay more
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to preseven our metro service. >> bottom line, the cutbacks will make it harder to found a city on certain bus and train routes. the metro board may have a preliminary digs -- may have a preliminary decision to make this month. the "washington post" is reporting that there have been four rapes on metro property this year and at least two assaults that happened near the largo town center in february which were kept quiet. metro's chair as a the information on the attacks was somehow lost in the shuffle touring the snowstorms in february. on the book for nearly 0 years, the military's don't ask, don't tell policy could be on its way out. >> it isn't yet and that has one of the army's top names fwiing a word of warning. a tragedy at advertise any wor -- at disney world. what happened that left a 9- year-old boy dead.
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h ntis
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. making headlines, a life sentence handed down to a kansas man would killed a doctor who prmed late term abortions. scott roder shot and killed dr. george tiller last may. a judge sentenced the 5 #-year- old to life in prison with the possible of parole after 50 years. roder testified he believed shooting the from would protect unborn children. in florida, a nine-year-old boy was hit and killed about by a bus at disney world yesterday. this happened near the fort wilderness resort. boy and a friend were riding their bike when it happened. an investigation is under way but police say they are not expecting any criminal charges. an army chief is doing some backpedaling about his policy on gay troops. he said he was incorrect when he vowed not to discharge troops who tell him they are gay. he had previously said there
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would be awe moratorium on discharges while the pentagon conduct a year-long review. for now, he says he will continue to uphold the policy. we'll show you smt of semifinalists in the "washington post" annual peeps show. great weather for all the easter egg hunts or just about anything you want to do outdoors. live look at the capitol right now. tony has a great forecast coming up and julie has traffic. we'll see how great that may be on this friday morning. we're back after this.
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that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. the national cherry blossoms festival continues this weekend. saturday night at 8:30, there will be a fireworks show on the southwest waterfront an sunday at 2:30, the 359-year-old stone lantern along the tidal basin will be lit in a formal
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ceremony. it was dedicated back in 1954. it's a symbol of peaceful relates between the united states and japan. a sure sign of spring, marshmallow peeps popping up in easter baskets. >> for the fourth year if a row, the "washington post" held its peeps show contest. let's take a look at the semifinalists. this is the white house party peeper. the salahis crashing the state dinner last year. and the marshmallow dignitaries as well. >> then there is peepsocalypse. >> little bo pp. president ama and the first are
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-- dog bo running down the lawn othe wite house. we'll he show you the finalist. >> i love funny quirky ideas like that. peeps art. that is cute. all right. let's talk a little bit. here is something has not so cute. you asked me about this when i first came in this morning. the pollen count. >> usually, frees get me. >> it is the trees. i woke up this morning scratchy at the back of my throat. it is because of the allergens. tree pollen is high. it is a variety of trees, birch, maple, high pollen. grasses and mold are low right now. the trees are high enough and they are in the high range that that is causing some problems for folks out there and it is going to do that throughout the course of the weekend i'm sorry to say. here are the current temperatures we are look at. we've dropped off to 53 degrees
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in the district. manassas, virginia at 43 degrees. winchester, it is 46. cambridge, maryland coming in at 48 degrees this morning. not a lot to show you on the map today. got some high clouds that will push through the area. high pressure in control. conditions will remain quiet. our winds will be calm. any real weather that happens is going to go around us but some of those high clouds will work their way over that ridge of high pressure. we'll see some high, thin clouds during the course of the day today. mostly sunny skies. here is at the forecast look like for today, mostly sunny skies. a warm afternoon. our average high for this date would be 62 degrees. so way high of 77 degrees, how much higher than normal is that? 15degrees. that is right. very good. we are looking at a mild night. 54degrees for your overnight low, clear skies, calm winds. then your five-day forecast, more of the same for the foreseeable future.
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how about this for your easter weekend. saturday, 79 degrees. sundays, a few clouds in there. 7 # degrees. monday and tuesday, we're still in the upper 70s. that is what is happening with the weather. now, let's feigned out what is happening with traffic. for that, we go to julie wright. >> you got the good news. unfortunately, i got some things that are happening along 270 you may not like. if you are traveling southbound trying to work your way out of gaithersburg, that is where we find the crew in sky fox. right now they are at 370. heads up leaving montgomery village avenue headed southbound moo rockville. there was an accident reported along the left side road right now as you travel between the overpasses here at 370. you will fine the accident activity now pulled over to the left shoulder. you guys coming southbound, it look like we may still have something tying up the left lane. if you are coming southbound out of gaithersburg, you are starting to slow leaving mva continuing down towards 28 and rockville. we have a slow exit coming off of 370 as well. this will be at a point before
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you reach the rio. southbound 270, before you reach # 70, stent activity along the left side of the road -- before you reach 370, accident activity along the left side of the road. traveling inbound on 66, no problems to report right now leaving fair oaks headed eastbound to 13. 95 northbound still behaving nicely as you travel out of woodbridge to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. security changes at the pentagon after last some's shooting. there will be more screening of visitors, more random inspection and better outside lighting. last month, john patrick bedell opened fire on two police officers near the pentagon metro. those officers returned fire killing bedell. coming up next, the bad economy leading to some good news for the future of the work force in one city. as we go to a break now,
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starbucks pulled an april fool's 's prank the 1 # 8-ounce plenta and the -- 128-ounce plenta and the two ounce micra.
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the wait is almost over. you will soon have your chance to get your hands on the most anticipated piece of technology so far this year. line up early though. ipad goes on sale tomorrow morning. it is expected to sell out by early afternoon. we though have one of them in our grubbyling hands and we'll have it displayed for you coming up later this morning. one revawer thinks it will relace the laptop saying it is lighter, thanker and faster. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> -- one viewer thinks it will replace the laptop. >> it doesn't have the web cam. >> this is a big drawback.
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president obama heading to charlotte, north carolina. it is one of the pleas hit hard by the economic downturn. >> the president will meet with workers at a local battery machine manufacturer. too people word out of work are returning to school to learn a new trade to get ahead in the job market. >> put that in there. >> reporter: after 7 years working at the same company building trucks in charlotte being north carolina, richard barnes is unemployed. >> it is tough. i mean we worry day to day about how we're going to make our bills. >> richard says he was laid off one year ago when production at this plant shifted to mexico. now at age 49, he is planning for i new career, studying heavy equipment and truck repair. >> now, when you are hooking things up. >> reporter: at central piedmont community college, more than half a million dollars in federal stimulus money is being used to fund fast-traffic job training programs. courses include health care, energy and office administering.
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since last summer, more than 750 students have completed the program. >> with this course, they should feel very confident in being able to get out to today's job market, showing their resumes. >> getting a regular paycheck in the charlotte yard is not that easy. manufacturing and construction were badly hurt by the recession. even the local banking industry suffered serious cutbacks. since the downturn, 62,000 jobs went away. the region's 12.8 january unemployment rate is at a 0- year high. local economists say the $653 million in federal stimulus money distributed locally has helped prevent a bad situation from getting worse. but cautions money from washington is not the cure. >> when consumes are start buying, that is what the economy will get going. >> reporter: critic argue stimulus funding is only an economic band-aid for a badly hurting community. this company is now planning a $100 million expansion and the
6:27 am
addition of nearly 300 new jobs n charlotte, north carolina, david lee miller fox news. the president will be in north carolina today to talk about jobs. yesterday, he was in massachusetts talking to emergency workerfollowing his torque floods in the northeast. coming up next we'll get an update on the scene there this morning. ahead, a crime alert on howard university's campus. what has students on edge there. we'll talk about that coming up at 60. -- at 6:30.
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washington isn't forgetting flood-ravad new england. besides a briefing, the president wanted to personally thank emergency worker. he says when these kinds of natural disasters hit, what matters are the people on the ground. >> he said one the process starts going, he will do
6:31 am
everything to make it happen quickly. >> homeland security secretary janet napolitano and the top fema official will be in rhode island today. that state was hit especially hard. let's check in with tony with another look at the forecast today. we hate to see what is happening up there but we are not having much to worry about down here. >> no, we don't. the only thing we have to worry about is the pollen count. other than that, our weather conditions great p we'll have above normal temperatures again today and for the next several days. -- our weather conditions are great. here is a look at the satellite- radar. you see some high clouds streaming in from the north and west. that is not going to obscure the sun to any great degree. we'll still have mostly sunny skies today but filtered through some high clouds here and there during the course of the day. right now, reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 5 # degrees. humidity, 74%. winds are calm. they are quiet. barometric pressure continues to be on the rise.
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your forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. a warm afternoon. we are looking looking for a my downtown of 77 degrees. coming up in about 15 minutes, we have today's ask the weather guy question. it is about a phenomenon that i, myself, had observed and probably all of us have. we'll answer that question shortly. lets acheck in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> good morning to you all. right now, traveling in virginia, we are looking great leaving braddock road headed out towards 66. no problems to report. coming inbound off of 66, you will find lanes are open out of manassas an continuing eastbound, no troubled to report as you head out to 123. we do have lake ligts forms as you try to merge on from fair oaks headed out to vienna. it canning about the holiday getaway? now is the time to go.
6:33 am
95 is in great shape. -- thinking about the holiday getaway. southbound 270 in good shape leaving germantown. we're now receiving word of an accident along randolph road at viers mill road. we are told this crash does indeed involve a pedestrian and a reconstruction team has been called to the scene. we hope to have sky fox there for the next report. viers mill road and randolph road is where we have reports of that crash. one of our big story is a campus crime alert at howard university. students stayed up late to study inside the engineering hall and they were robbed. >> now, search is on for suspects. sherry ly is on come pause this and has more from howard. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: police say the armed robbers struck inside the school of engineering here and that this was not the end of t in all, police say there were 10 robberies, not just here but throughout this area of the
6:34 am
city and what has students unmemberred here at howard is that this building should rob locked up tight. the students were studying late inside downing hall when they say four armed robbers wearing ski masks walked in, threatened them an stole everything they had. the suspects escaped and police say they continue their crime spree on other nearby streets beating and threatening to kill some of the victims. none of he howard students was seriously hurt though. students say the building is normally locked overnight and you need a pass card to get in but often students prop open the door to get in and out more easily. that is an open invitation for anyone to get in. >> i love howard then indication and networking that it does have but my safety is important. i will be moving off campus gentleman that is crazy that people can come in our school buildings and rob us. >> reporter: police say the robbers useed a variety of weapons and and to be after
6:35 am
phones and other electronic devices. the university is now urging students not to prop doors open in those secured buildings because hings like this can and do happen. now, the school has also increased police patrols. you can see there are officers stationed right over there trying to make this campus safer. in some cases, police say the robber did use a getaway car. it was only described as a black four-door vehicle with tinted windows. now, to catch the suspects, police are offering a $5,000 reward. live at howard university, sherry l.i. sherry ly. police are still looking for the person they've identified as a fourth suspect in the shooting that killed four people and injured five on south capital street. authorities are following up on several leads from witnesses. police are on the lookout for more signs of retaliation now in that neighborhood.
6:36 am
>> in a case like this, simply outrageous that such a simple disagreement that essentially had been resolved resulted in four people losing their life. >> two men and a 14-year-old have been charged in the shooting which authorities think was a payback for the murder of jordan howe. coming up next, there is a lot to see at the movies this weekend. you just have to pay more to do it. >> kevin mccarthy from 106.7 the fap is here -- the fan is here to give his take on that. my name is rick muhy. i'm a firefighter. i cook twice a week at the fire station. i'd pick up a lot of the work around the house the chores, the kids the shopping, the cooking. i have two teenagers and i'll be putting them through
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v8. what's your number? it's tough to reach that five servings a day if you don't always like the taste of vegetables. good thing v8 v-fusion juice gives you a serving of vegetables hidden by a serving of fruit. [barking] v8. what's your number? you have comedy, romance and adventure here to tell us some of it might not be worth the price of admission which, by the way has gone up. >> you could be paying $14 to
6:40 am
see a movie in 3-d right now. it is unbelievable. y we'll talk more about that because clash of the tight ons is out in sort of 3-d. >> i think i saw a movie in #- did and 3-d at the same time. i don't know how that's possible but i did. >> we want to talk about last song which is the disney movie starring miley cyrus, greg kinnear. nicholas sparks, would did the notebook. >> he actually wrote this screen play around same time he was writing the book and he finished the screen play first. miley cyrus plays a rebellious teenager. her and her brother are sent to a beach house to live with their s been recently reversed from his wife. she is rebellious, meets a boy, falls in love. they are dating in real life. so their chemistry is very realistic on screen. nicholas parks follows the pattern where you have a nice love stow story and tragedy
6:41 am
occurs. i am okay with tragedy but why in every one your movies. i liked the character and the chemistry between the characters. greg kinnear's son is such an amazing character. why is it this t. that every single row manhattan infilm has to have a scene where a girl girl tries on a brannew dress, they slow-mo walker hundred the staircase and they cut to the guy with the cheesiest mile -- mile of his life. the guy goes like this. this cheesy smile. these cheesy moments are what kills the film. enjoyed the came have i of the movie. i just fell like these cheesy moments ruined the overall picture. >> how did you like miley cyrus. >> i think she is very talented. i find her singing and her asking to be -- she is very talent in the sense that she is a -- she is a yung star and
6:42 am
she is trying all of these things. a shocker, they have her singing in the film itself. but i think it's two and a half how the -- out of five. it is killed bit cheesy moments. it is between a matinee and a rental. >> look. 3-d is the latest, greatest craze. >> right. >> clash of the titans, good movie? >> no. it's terrible film. >> terrible movie. and you said that this really wasn't 3-d even though it purports to be. >> avatar made over $2 billion world ride.wide in the box office. this movie was shot in 2-d and converted to 3-d recently to make people may more money for their it be a tickets. so as opposed to paying $11, you will pay $14 to see fake 3- d. it is real but when you are watching it you n remove ur afl-cios and you will see
6:43 am
a little bit of a blur. there is really no difference between the #-did movie and the 3-d film. this is a remake of a 1981 classic starring harry hamlin. i love it. it is cheesy. it is stop motion animation. that was cool stuff. now, we are so inundated with cgi that it is refreshing to go back and watch the stop motion animation. you don't care about the character. he is not heroic. sam worth is ton is the lead star of this movie. no one knows would he is. he is not a guy you connect to as the audience member. >> you thought this was a horrible movie. >> it is laughably bad. it is not entertaining in the least. there are two cool scenes with medu system a. it is a one and
6:44 am
a half out of five. seeing this movie in 3-d is like throwing your money in the trash. this is seriously a big special effects soap opera one and a half out of five. >> okay. terrible. and so don't go by to go see this one this one. >> go see hot tub time machine. >> had tony saw. >> i think that and how to train your dragon is what you should see. >> and tyler peary has not screened a film since i've been a critic. i did like diary of a mad black woman. i will see this movie this weekend. and i have my show tonight. i'll be joined by james haven't deer beak from dawson's creek. he he is promoting a new film.
6:45 am
i will be joined by cheech marin from cheech and chong. >> how cool is that. >> thank you for stopping by here. >> thank you. i love your jacket. you rock at life. >> like a zoot suit. back to you. >> you have to explain that one. >> did you like hot tub time machine. >> the showing i went to, there were people with teenagers. not appropriate for kids. very crude but very funny. >> not one you would want to see in 3-d. >> let's leave that alone. let's take a look at what is going on with the weather conditions around the region. currently, it is 53 degrees in the district. 48 up in gaithersburg. salisbury, 41 degrees in salisbury. you may not see it on your home
6:46 am
screen unless you have a wide wean screen. 4 # degrees in culpeper. 49-degree at dulles airport. let's show you that satellite- radar. -- 43 degrees in culpeper. the good muse for new england, no rain. in fact, sunshine today aross most of new england so those recovery efforts continue. they will continue to see some flooding in some locations. here is a look at the surface map for today. our main feature, high pressure, warm conditions again. this high pressure keeps things quiet, keeps any weather that wants to happen, it has to go around us. however, by saturday, the latter part of saturday, we'll get a mild cold front working through here. the only thing that will do is i think it will increase our cloud cover maybe saturday night and during the day on sunday. it won't be mostly loudy but we'll see some clouds. that precipitation should break up before it gets here. forecast for today, mostly sunny skies, a warm afternoon. high about 77 degrees.
6:47 am
then for your five-day forecast, what a great easter weekend. saturday, that is tomorrow, folks. 79degrees. sunshine, sunday a few more clouds, 76. for sunrise services temperatures should be in the low 50s, low to mid-50s i think. so not bad for sunrise services. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. you know whats time for, don't you? time for act weather guys the most popular segment in local television. thank you kevin. tucker and i put our big your most pressing questions weather had been related or otherwise. today's question is from barb lindbergh of middletown, maryland. barb writes, when you watch the initial rise of the sound or the final setting of the sun on the horizon, it really seems to move fast. it can't move that fast all day or we would not have much daylight. am i imagining things or is there the appearance that the sun moves faster when it is
6:48 am
closer to the horizon. i've noticed the same thing. sometimes when you go out to watch the sunset. >> yeah, and all of a sudden. >> it just, boom, it is gone. what do you think the answer is? yieng it is just appears that way. >> steve? >> i think it appears that way because you have something to measure it against. >> the sun is moving at the -- the sun is not moving. it is the worth moving. but the sun appears to move at the same rate -- well, it moves at the same rate all the time but when it gets on the horizon, you have something to measure it by, building, trees and it appears to be moving faster. now, this is some photography that we have. it is time lapse, i hope. here is a live shot of this morning's sunrise. very pretty. >> what i lot of people, earth is rotating about 1000 miles
6:49 am
per hour. it is moving. even more than 1,000 miles per hour. >> that's pretty fast. how come we don't fall off? >> this is a very complicated question. some people have fallen off. >> so, barb is that is a simple answer this time. it just appears to be moving faster. >> i think it is also that a lot of times, you want it to stick around. that is when you are watching the sun at sunset. >> have you ever gone to key west to watch the sunset. >> that is one of of the things you do. en goes down p went once. it was is funny of the thing. the sun is setting, it is beautiful. it is on the water. there is this little tugboat coming along and it is moving at just the right speed where you're going to think, this can't isn't going to happen. just as the sun is setting, the tugboat is right there ruining everyone's pictures and everything. very funny. like the sun going down faster the closer you get to the
6:50 am
enyour life and it's like wow gentleman what a hereful way to end it. thank >> what a cheerful way to end it. >> i don't want to depress anybody. >> can i give you something a little more uplit lifting gentleman a sure sign of spring is when the carousel ice cream stand opens in warrenton and it is open. >> wow! >> there you go. lines just down the parking lot. >> that is better. you know would else like it. >> i know, julie wright. >> that is not one -- you can't do that. there is no like chasing involved. that is just waiting in wlien no physical exercise. that is what the train are says f you catch the ice cream truck being then you you deserve a treat. i think they she pays that guy to put the pedal to the metal. the ice cream truck flying at 60 miles per hour down montgomery village over avenue.
6:51 am
we do haven't accident involve a pedestrian struck and you will find a reconstruction team has been called to the scene. crew in sky fox is over this incident now which is now blocking randolph road in each direction between connecticut avenue and cul purchase road. it is just a block outside of verses mill road. and when you need to know is this out near the colonial shopping center. a reconstruction team has been called to the scene. -- it is just a block outside of viers mill road. there is the vehicle off the road into the trees. we are not exactly sure what happened, how this incident occurred. we do no one person has been transported away. viers mill road is open and so is connecticut p randolph road remains closed in each intersection between viers mill an connecticut until if you are this notice. southbound along 270, had the crash at 70. big delays out of germantown. we are slowing trying to get past mva. looks like we have more fire
6:52 am
equipment and more police responding to that scene. northbound i-95, lane are open head up towards the beltway. th's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. on call, april is national donate life month. it is meant to draw attention to the life saving gift of organ donation yasm now, advocates are turning to new ways to increase the number of donors. if anybody can convince you, it may be impeachment you are about to meet. >> who is your big sister? >> kiley. >> she watches over you. >> reporter: 4-year-old kenzie never had a chance to meet her big sisr. kiley clifford died of sids had she was just three months old. her parents got the call asking if they would donate kiley's organs. >> we're like how can we not give another family the opportunity to be with their baby because there is nothing we can do. we cannot get her back. >> reporter: but the decision is not as straightforward for
6:53 am
mean many people. >> over 10 # thousand people are waiting for an organ transplant and 18 die ever day because of lack of organs available for transplanted. the numbers people in this area who are rj stored to be don't ours is so low. >> reporter: the percentage of people registered as organ donors here is almost quite as great as it is in d.c. there is a new campaign designed to change that and boost organ donation all over country. the washington regional transplant community has launched 0 days of videos on youtube -- 30 days of video on youtube. >> he got medevaced to the hospital and he died. >> reporter: they are stories of organ donors and recipients. bobby leahy's sto is one of those. >> you knew that i'd been given a gift of life. i felt so good. you have a special feeling with
6:54 am
transplant and you appreciate things that you didn't appreciate before that you took for granted. so i'm he blessed. >> for kiley's situation, she died of sudden infant death syndrome. this is no cure. there is though reason. we don't know why. her organs went to medical research. so i'm hoping one day in either my lifetime or kylie's little sister's lifetime there will albright cure and kiley is going to help save other babies. >> reporter: in virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> if you would like to see more stories about how organ donations have changed lives, can you find them -line. go to up next, you want it see the cherry blossoms but you don't want to deal with all the crowds out there this weekend? >> holly will show us why your best bet may to be catch a ride with d.c.'s harbor cruises. beautiful morning for a cruise. we'll check in with her when we come back.
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good morning. i'm holly morris. happy friday to you and what a beautiful friday it will be. what a beautiful weekend it will be. the perfect time for you to get out, see the cherry blossoms, maybe go out and see the monuments anmemorials and you have family in town. if you are thinking i've done all this every which way you can, think again. there is a new sight seeing opportunity for you. it is kicking off this weekend. it is called d.c. harbor crews. you hop on board the patriot two and you will see the nation's capital from a different perfective than you ever have before. we'll hop on board and take a tour of the boat. we'll talk to them about this new endeavor. why they thought this would work and how it is helping this area of town, how it is helping to lean up the river in this area of and we'll talk about the different options. you have the cherry blossom cruises and the game day cruises and we'll go out on the water an tax yu with us this
6:59 am
morning. >> sounds like fun. thank you. could the national zoo's if he meal pan be pregnant. scientists say they've detected a hormone rise in mei xiang. if she doesn't give birth in 40 to 50 days, it could be a false pregnancy. >> fox 5 morning news continues at 7:00 right now. there are new developments in one of the worst shootings in d.c. in years as police continue their search fay fourth suspect. we'll tax a closer look at how the community is trying to change a culture of vile ones the streets. the copounders of peace holiday ins will join us coming up. metro is facing a $189 my onshortfall and public hearing about possible service cuts and fare increases wanted up. what is next for the cash- strapped transit service? new unemployment number are out today.